Sunday, November 3, 2013

A-Pattern-A-Day # 17

Day 2 of the Art Every Day Month at the site.  I was looking through the Flickr groups and came across ronnies's work and saw one of her Zentangle patterns - Stella and thought maybe I could do that with Adobe Illustrator. I am still learning how to use AI and am not very good at it. Took me a while to recreate her pattern. I used it and made a couple of patterns.  I am leaving her a comment to let her know I used it.  I hope it's ok.
Another thing I am trying to do is do more doodling with pen and paper.  It's supposed to be relaxing but I keep seeing errors and wanting to erase. So I keep starting and switching to digital because I can undo.  Bad ... I know ... I will keep trying and learn to relax. Maybe when I learn how to relax, I will actually improve.
Based on Zentangle patterns - Stella

Repeat Pattern #1 based on Stella
Repeat Pattern #2 based on Stella

Art Every Day Month (of November): Day3


  1. Wow, I wish I could do this like you do, I used to use illustrator, but now I just use GIMP and really only to crop my photos.

  2. I love these, they are stunning! Love all the browns together. I can't do zentangles either but love seeing when others do them. I am also not a digital anything so just seeing that you can do this impresses me.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  3. I like it! Repeating the pattern is very lovely. Happy AEDM!

  4. I actually LOVE your digital art. I can't hold a pen or pencil long enough to doodle because of a rare form of arthritis caused by a birth defect. So, I would always choose digi over doodle any day (grin),

  5. Thanks for the encouraging words. When I first joined I looked at some of the others work and wasn't sure if I will fit in. Glad I didn't chickened out.
    Sorry to hear about the arthritis, Elizabeth but nice to see another digi person. I've heard and seen others mandala but seeing it made from live objects was the first for me. Such a fun idea. Oh and love reading that cup swap you did.