Saturday, November 9, 2013

More Doodling

Didn't feel like I did much last night and today. Maybe I will do some more later today or tonight. But here is part 2 of the Blob Hunting.
The Blob Dude that I posted yesterday really spoke to me. I felt what each part of its face should look like down to its stubby little legs. Oh and the wiry looking hairs. The second blob did not speak to me the same way as the first one. Not sure if it would have come out differently if I had done the second one on a different day. All it said was lizard ... so I looked through some Google images and saw some really fantastic colors. I was loving the blue on some of them and tried to imitate the texture as well. Maybe some day I will put them in some kind of background.
Two Blob Dudes
After using the Painter program, I look through some of the other programs that I had used and thought were fun.
Here's one called Alchemy. There are a lot of features and can create some pretty wild and random shapes. I've see some people used it like the intuitive art that our AEDM host did and had come up with some great characters. But all I usually come up with is a face using the mirror effect. I brought the face into Painter and added a filled background. I suppose I could continue to refine it with Painter. Maybe some day ... ah another some day project.
An Alchemy Face
Alchemy was downloaded on my computer. But this one called Harmony was online. There are quite a few brush types and you can change the background and brush colors and the brush width as well.
Harmony Brush Effects

ABC Harmony
So what's up with all these mindless and non-productive work? Well at least that's how I felt at the end of yesterday. But I hope at some point, my rigidity will break down and hand and imaginary mind will meld together and create more things that gave me the feeling when I was creating Blob Dude. I liked that feeling!
Alright ... not sure if that made sense to anyone one else. But I shall continue to pursue that Blob Dude feeling again. Oh no, another addiction?!
Art Every Day Month (of November): Day9

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  1. These are all so cool, but i LOVE your little "blob dudes"!! Especially the second one, with that fur and the little tongue hanging out! Great work. Happy weekend! xox