Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pen and Paper Doodling

Geez ... missed quite a few days' post at Art Every Day Month . I better get back into the routine. Posted the first one before as a WIP but finally decided not to add much more. Just a little bit of shading along some of the "lines".

Here's another one that has more shading. This was started a while ago, but finished it up today. There are elements within this second one that I liked and disliked. But instead of just discarding it like I used to do, I decided to continue with it till I felt that I don't want to add anymore. Sometimes it's just a feeling what to add and where to shade, etc. I never formally study art or drawing or any such thing but just like to read tutorial and try to study other people's work and see what I like and what's missing in my own work. I did take some online classes for specific software (Painter and Illustrator) because the learning curve is a bit too steep for myself to figure out.

Art Every Day Month (of November): Day19


  1. good to see you back. You doodles are so detailed and lovely

  2. Gosh, I've missed visiting. I am glad you are back.

    I love how the first piece looks very three dimensional with the added shading. And of course, I like the second entry because the doodles remind me of lovely, lacy flowers. I can see this one becoming a piece of lace gracing a beautiful wedding gown. It is stunning.

  3. Thanks Vicki and Elizabeth. Going to divide my time with both technical work and non-technical (fun) work.

  4. Great doodles Myriam! And for the record, i know many great artists who never formally studied art. You just have to keep MAKING art. ;-) Great work. xox

  5. Thanks Pauline. Yeah I think I will keep doing it because I really enjoy doing it.