Friday, December 6, 2013

Found a Zendala Dare

After the AEDM I was looking around to see what other sites have fun challenges to participate in so I would keep going. I am not very good with personal deadlines. But I am pretty good with other people's deadlines.
I've been loving these tangle patterns (like the ones I used in my pattern birds) and came across The Bright Owl which hosts weekly Zendala Dare. I inquired and got confirmation that it's ok to join even though I do not use pen and paper. So here's my first time joining this dare.


  1. Great to 'meet' you here, Myriam!
    Your zendala is very beautiful, I like the tangles you used and the way you connected the balls.

    1. Thanks Anne. It's nice to meet you too.

  2. If you hadn't told them, they would have never known. I am never ceased to be amazed at your creations!

  3. Thanks Vicki. : ) Not sure why I feel so guilty that I am doing my art work digitally while you all are doing it with real media. I really need to get over this so I can concentrate on creating.