Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Insomnia Doodle

For whatever reason I couldn't sleep last night. So instead of tossing and turning, I decide to just get up and do some doodling. I've seen this optical illusion pattern from the Enthusiastic Artist's while looking through the Zentangle patterns the day before. So thought I give it a go. The top part didn't come out very well because of the sketch book's center seam. I will probably add some shading later. My Mom is here visiting and said it looked like worms.
Insomnia Worm Doodle
I guess adding shading "later" wasn't that much later. Here's the shaded version.
Insomnia Worm Doodle - Shaded

It's amazing that it really didn't take long to do the whole page. So I added some more heads to a page that I had started.
Insomia Heads Doodle
I know the The Bright Owl's Mandala Dare is already up to #84 but instead of starting on that I did another Mandala Dare #83. I guess I really liked that template.
Mandala Dare #83


  1. i love your 'worms' and the mandala is gorgeous.

  2. This is another creative take on the plain template, nice work. I like all the little faces with their own personalities.

  3. I love these and the first looks like crazy rolling hills to me - so fun! I have been meaning to try mandalas as they look fun and therapeutic. Next time I can't sleep (it's routine around here) perhaps I shall do the same. :)

    1. thanks for coming over. Yes it was definitely therapeutic but watch out and not stay up too late doing that. : )

  4. Wow that mandala is breathtaking!!! Truly beautiful.