Thursday, February 13, 2014

A little bit of faces and a little bit of patterns

I am falling behind on the 29 faces challenge. But I will still post what I did for day 8 & 9 anyway. 

I like day 8's face but not the hair. I like the color but it looked unfinished. Did use a reference photo. Just whatever I remember what I have seen how others have done it.

Day 9 was from a sketch in a book. The back doesn't look quite right but not quite sure how to change it. Maybe I will go back or do another one with the same angle some day.

Day 8 - Trying to be whimsical.

Day 9 - Sketch from a Book
I've been playing around with the Madpattern templates and I absolutely love them and so thankful to the creators. However, it's kind of odd that I can't seem to be able to create an AI swatch with some of them. I am not sure if or how I might have done anything wrong or different. I used the same steps for each template or so I thought. Here's one of them that didn't work but I like it and thought this is a fun pattern.

Madpattern P4M-rotated
Here's one that worked.
Madpattern P6M


  1. I love your second sketch. As per our discussion, I didn't actually see anything wrong with it until you pointed it out, lol. When you make a mistake make it look like you meant it to be there. I love the second pattern, too reminds me of a piece of crochet lace

  2. your top piece is lovely, a lovely face.
    the sketch is wonderful with the braid and feathery dress.
    nice to meet you and your art.