Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Patterns From The Class

Week 2 Day 4 of the Make It In Design class. I've learned how to use AI to make repeat patterns but Photoshop was my first. I used the motifs and marks from the class so far and make a pattern with PS.
Here's the pattern made with PS. I created a green background but the colors of the motifs were made by changing the layer mode and its opacity.
Pattern Created With PS
The class showed how to create patterns with both PS and AI. I figured I should do one in AI as well. I didn't really followed the instructions from the class since I had learned how to do repeat patterns in AI already. But I have the class notes and I will go back and read through the notes at some points. But right now just felt like playing around with pattern making.
Here's the first one.
Thought the colors on these two were a bit boring. So I used the Recolor Artwork feature and played with the colors. That was such a terrible idea because I wind up spending way too much time playing with that tool. After all that playing around, I did save one other version.
The two made with AI reminded me of the silk Chinese fabric that is used in traditional women dresses called Cheongsam or also known as qipao.
There are really a lot of very talented classmates in that design class. There is really so much energy and momentum in the class that you can't help but get swept along with it. I really need that. I am not sure if I am finding my style yet.  But definitely will keep going and see where it will lead me.



  1. These are gorgeous! just my thing! I think they would make wonderful fabric! I think you should get a job as a fabric designer!

    1. Thanks Vicki. I wouldn't mind selling my designs. : ) Maybe some day.

  2. Beautiful patterns! I agree with vicki, I can see them as fabric...