Tuesday, April 22, 2014

T & More Patterns

I missed Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday last week. But determined to join back in this week. This drink (well the pic) is a bit old since it was meant for last Tuesday.
We have some mints growing in the back yard. Even though it's shared by some invisible bugs that really like it (see the holes in the leaves), it is really growing like a weed. Didn't know it is so invasive. If not I would have started it in a pot isolated from the other herbs.
This is green tea with mint and ginger. I used a piece of cheese cloth to hold the loose tea leaves and ginger so I could fish them out easier. I love putting ginger in my tea. This actually tastes pretty good hot or cold.
Green Tea with Mint and Ginger
Now as for what I've been up to ... I've been learning/writing some code for an Android app idea that a friend has. He's writing the user interface portion and I am working on the database portion.
Also I am trying to keep up with the surface Pattern Design class. It's a five week class and this is the last week already. I signed up for the class hoping to learn the process from finding inspiration to a creating a design. This class definitely delivered what I was looking for and more. The class' community (a facebook private group) is really great. It is good to hear that others are going through and struggling with the same issues. It helps to not feel so alone. Other classmates being very helpful and supportive really make this class that much better. There are a lot of really good designers in the class. It's hard not to compare but I am going to keep reminding myself not to do that.
Don't Compare

Here's the coordinated design exercise. After staring at the design and wondering why it doesn't look good, I realized that just turning the opacity of the smaller leaves in background didn't work very well. That wasn't enough to make the main leaves and flowers stand out. The one with the blue background worked much better because the smaller background leaves were a different color. I have a lot to learn and experiment with placement and colors but I am really enjoying this despite the frustration a lot of time.
Coordinated Design
And then there is the "happy accident". I was using Illustrator's recolor feature and randomly switching colors around. I really like that color palette. Unfortunately with accidents, I didn't not save the pattern swatch. But I might go back and recreate it.

Happy Accident
Now I am off to visit the rest of the Tuesday gang!


  1. I wouldn't know the first thing about write codes or digital art, so I am very impressed with both! Hope you had a nice T Day.

  2. Tea with ginger and fresh mint is so refreshing. Yes the mint is invasive but I still can't wait to be able to pick from the garden. Your class sounds intensive but you certainly are producing nice patterns! Happy T day a day late.

    1. Thanks Linda. Yeah and that mint is definitely one of those a little goes a long way! : )

  3. Ah, here I am late visiting, but I love what you have made with your happy accident. It is perfect and the colors are so vivid, too. For being on a black background, the leaves sure pop.

    Had to laugh at the mint comment. Yep, it's very invasive. I planted mine in my flower garden, rather than my herb garden. Some of it spills over the edges on occasion, and when I mow, the scent of the mint is fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing both your ginger/mint concoction and your lovely art with us this week. Sorry I was so late getting here.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. You had a very good reason to take it easy yesterday!

  4. Mmmn! That tea sounds so inviting.
    We have spearmint which grows wild and other mints, including Black mint and apple mint but all these are in pots as they are so intrusive. I do love to walk past them and give them a stroke!
    Your artwork is so pretty.

    1. Thanks Hettie. Apple mint sounds interesting. Will need to google what black mint is like.

  5. I love these, Myriam. sorry I have been a bit absent for a while. You seem to be doing well on your course. I am on the last assignment for art history and I have really loved it.

    1. Thanks Vicki. I will have to go visit you and read all about your trip.
      Yeah the class is actually quite intense. I haven't done all the exercises (it's was a bit tough to keep up with all of them) but have saved them and will have to go back and will do them all.
      Glad to hear you enjoyed the art history class. Too bad I had to drop it. Sounded like it would be an interesting class. I seem to over commit myself all the time.