Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A-Pattern-A-Day # 19

The title of the post is not really applicable anymore.  When I started it, I meant to create a repeat pattern a day. Thought if I put it in the title, it will motivate me to commit. But now some days I just doodle and others are patterns but not a repeat pattern. Ah ... but at least I am doing something everyday which is really the whole point. Of course signing up at Art Every Day Month at the site sure helped too. I am all set to submit for Day 7!!!
Mad about Madpattern and had gone back to use Madpattern-p3m1 again. The first pattern below has the original colors that I picked myself while recreating the pattern. Of course after that version is done, got to try out other color palettes. Adobe Illustrator's recolor artwork feature is so evil ... because it's so addictive. I could click and cycle through different color schemes FOREVER! Got To Stop! I only saved 4 versions and the colors used in the second pattern showed the organic shapes within the triangle.
Seamless pattern #1 using Madpattern P3M1.

Seamless pattern #2 using Madpattern P3M1.
Art Every Day Month (of November): Day7


  1. These are stunning. And you are right. The second color set really looked so much different until I inspected it more closely. Very organic indeed.

  2. Interesting patterns!!! and colours - i could use some of these in my mixed media art

  3. I love your colors and patterns. Very nice!

  4. Thanks for all your kinds words. So encouraging ...

    Joyce, these are only medium resolution. I have never printed them out before. But if you could use it, let me know and I can send you a high resolution version.

  5. Really attractive patterns. I agree with you about how seductive colour photo-editing is, a colour change can be such a surprise and sometimes amazing.