Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Just Some Doodling

Continued adding more to a doodle I started a little while ago.  Still not done but might want to leave some of the areas unfilled ... kinda like that. Actually like the way the doodle looked before I added more.  Reminded me of a heart and arteries. Maybe I should submit this to the Art Every Day Month at the creativeeveryday.com site. It must be the time difference, I was getting confused what day I am submitting. I see it's Day 6 now.
The last state of the doodle.

Some more progress ...
Art Every Day Month (of November): Day6


  1. nice doodle!! i love these sorts of things…fun to relax and just go with it!

  2. Holy cow. This has suddenly taken on a three dimensional look. Very, very impressive.

  3. Thanks Elizabeth and alarmcat. I am learning to relax. It's harder than I thought lol.

  4. The hard part is to relax and go with your gut feeling. I love your drawing with all the different patterns and textures.