Monday, January 13, 2014

Bullied by the Blank Page

I've read that even the greatest artists had felt intimidated by a big blank canvas at some point in their creative lives. I am no artist and have felt intimidated by every blank page. I've tried using small sketch books so that big blank page wouldn't be as scary. That only helped a tiny bit so the staring at the blank pages continued. I am doing a lot of work digitally and that helped because erasing is not so messy and I don't feel like I am wasting a lot of paper. But that blank new file/screen still manages to intimidate.
I was cleaning out some old shelves over the holidays. It's amazing how much stuff has been sitting around. I threw away a couple garbage bags full and donated another couple of bags. Even after all that there were still quite a bit I kept. Among the things I kept was small stack of old note books. They were half used or barely used lined note books from the kids. I wasn't sure about giving them away, so I thought I will keep them and see if it will help get over that intimidating feeling since they are old and lined. So if I messed up, who cares.
Another thing that's been sitting around are ball point pens because at one point that's what my daughter liked to draw with. I hated them even for writing. I preferred gel pen or those Pilot G2 pens. Even though I hated them I can't throw them away. So I started using it in the lined notebook.
Not much to show for but at least I am doing something with them.
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Just Lips


  1. great use of the pens, and i love the lips!! The blank page may intimidate you, but you are facing it and DRAWING something! That's the important thing. Bravo! xox

  2. I have trouble with the blank page sometimes and that is why I am more comfortable recycling old books and using them. your sketches are great, but your digital work really blows me away.

    1. Thanks for the kinds words Vicki. My Mom left some books that she wanted to throw out because she didn't like them. Maybe one of these days I will paint over them like the way some of you do and see what that is like.