Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Santa Ana

I am not talking about a place or someone's name in this case. It's the kind of weather we are having here in So CA. It's great that it blows all the smog out but it's really bad for allergy and possible brush fires. Every year we have it but there seemed to be a few more this time. It's been really bad yesterday and maybe a bit less today but still blowing like crazy.
Here's a couple of patterns for this weather condition we are having.
The background color is a very light grey. Chose that because even though all the smog is blown out, there seem to be this hazy grey maybe from all the dust and dirt being in the air. When the wind finally stops and before all that smog moves back in the sky will be a very clear and bright blue.
The first one had the wind going in different directions which is how it feels like with the madness of that wind. But I think the second one depicted it better. The tighter pattern made it looked more severe which is closer to how the wind is ... howling.
Mad Pattern P2

Half Drop
Interesting that the color of the sun looked different between the two images but they were created using the same sun object in Illustrator.
I signed up at Creative Every Day before the start of this year and this will the 2nd submittal.


  1. Lovely, myriam. Of course if I painted the weather here I would have to cover the page in red and yellow, it is so hot I can't use any acrylics as they dry before I even touch the page! But of course I suppose a digital image doesn't have these problems.

    1. Oh that's funny Vicki. Yeah the Santa Ana condition raised the temp here to almost 80 degree F so that's pretty warm for winter.
      Ah ... another reason to go digital! : P