Sunday, March 9, 2014

Favorite Kitchen Tool

I am always looking for prompts and challenges to join to give myself a focus to work on. Terry Grant at And Sew It Goes is doing some weekly digital drawing and this week's is favorite tool kitchen or otherwise. My kitchen tool is my rice cooker. It does more than just cook rice but I never used it for anything other than rice. It's so easy ... just add rice and water, push a button and just wait till it's done. It takes about half an hour. Perfect rice every time. Love it! Depends on it. Anyway, just borrowing the topic. Hope Terry won't mind!
I signed up at Creative Every Day but have not be posting there even though I have been sketching. Maybe it's about time. This doesn't really fit into the "optional" theme of Transition but why not!
I am still using Sketch Book Pro and did the counter, rice cooker outline, coloring, shadow in different layers. I also used the ruler and eclipse tool to do some of the shapes and outlines.
My old reliable rice cooker!


  1. Wow you did a great job on this, I really wasn't up to it this week, but hopefully next week

    1. Thanks Vicki. You had other things on your mind.