Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Can Show My Face.

It's Tuesday ... so it's T-day at Elizabeth's! I didn't want to show my white mug last week. But I thought about it this week and you all were right that there is nothing wrong with a white mug! Especially if it's filled with HOT CHOCOLATE!!!! HAHAHAHAHA ... well I only allowed myself half a cup. Yum!
Hot Chocolate!
I know the 29 Faces challenge was over and I didn't do it everyday and didn't make it on time. But I decided I was going to complete it.
I was looking at books on Amazon and saw this one suggesting doing all the parts of a face and then just picking and choosing the parts to form a face. I thought it was such a fun idea so I gave it a try. I googled to get some ideas for different expressions.
Since this was done digitally, I just had to copy and paste the parts to form each face. I did one face at a time and I didn't repeat any of the parts on different faces. First I divided the page into 8 parts and did the shapes for the faces (and didn't need google's help ... I am that good! Not! lol) and then the mouths and so on. The eyes I really needed google images' help.  After that I added a new layer and start with copying the shape of the face and pasting it on that new layer, then chose the eyes, nose and mouth. I would enlarge or elongate or flatten the parts till they looked the way I liked. I did some clean up or details on them but I pretty much stick with the original parts as much as possible. But I did shaped some of the faces so a squared face is not really "square", etc. The lady with the triangular face had a bit of an upper lip and I gave her some extra eye shadow. She looked like she needed it. After each face I would lock that layer because I have a tendency to work on the wrong layer. Then it would defeat the purpose of doing the drawing digitally.
It was a lot of fun doing them and amazed myself how each character evolved. At one point I started added shading and more lines. I stopped myself because that wasn't the point. I was trying to just let loose and come up with something fast and fun. Being realistic was not the point!
29 Faces - Day 22 - 28


  1. fun way to play with faces! MMMM- I haven't had a good hot chocolate in a long time. Happy T day!

  2. To me, hot chocolate is like potato chips. You can't have just ONE. This looks delicious, too.

    Congrats on finishing your faces. You can be very pleased with yourself for a job well done, even if you are a few days late. Really, really fun to look at and read about.

    Thanks for sharing your 1/2 cup of cocoa today, along with your adorable faces.

  3. Happy T Day! Your hot chocolate in your white mug looks delicious. I would not be able to stop at half a cup. :)

    You had an interesting idea for creating faces, and I liked reading about your process. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I can see that you had some digital fun with the faces.
    Thank you for sharing and Happy T for Tuesday

  5. unique and fun way to play with faces and such great results you got too!

    I am a big fan of white china especially in mix and match patterns of white...your hot chocolate looks yummy!


  6. Hello and Happy T Day! I love the white mug, anything white is wonderful and perfect I think. A warm drink does sound good on these cold days we keep having.

    I didn't finish my faces either, not sure if I will or not. Way to go on yours, how cool they look. I've never heard of doing them this way but I do like it. My first thought was to do certain parts of the face each day leading up to full faces. Maybe another time, love that you did them! Stay warm and thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great way to play with digital drawing! and thanks for the layer tip. It is a problem for me too. You know my hubby will never come and have a cup of tea when we are out, he always says, 'save the money and wait 'till we get home'....BUT if I ask him if he wants to go to the local store for a hot chocolate he usually will.

  8. what a fun exercise...it is amazing what variety you can achieve with the different shapes. quite like them! happy T day a bit late!

  9. What a cool exercise that made such fun faces.
    Sorry I'm late but I did manage a post...a day late and all. :)

  10. Great faces there. Interesting project. Need to make some hot chocolate now!
    Thanks for visiting earlier this week. Sorry I am late.

  11. What a hoot! Sounds like a lot of fun. :)
    Happy very belated T-Day!