Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Mug For T

I have a few more hours, so I should be able to post this on Tuesday so I can join Elizabeth at T Stands for Tuesday. I've been drinking water later, so instead of posting a boring cup of water, I decided to put one of the flowers I did for a pattern on a mug. I am learning how to do product mockups so this will work as one of my practices.
I know (and was told) this pattern has a country look to it and would fit in a country kitchen curtain. But since I don't have a blank mockup for cafe curtain, I put it on a dress instead. Actually it's not too bad as a dress. I need more practice with getting the lighting and pattern to look more natural on the mockup image.
Off to visit the T-gang ...


  1. Love the flower on the mug, now it will feel warm and fuzzy when you use it
    Bridget #1

  2. Hello and Happy T Day a little late. I LOVE the flower and the mug and cute dress. Have a great week!

  3. WOW on your lovely daisy and what you've done with it is marvelous and way beyond my techie knowledge!
    Water is my first favorite drink too.
    Hope you had a Happy T Day

  4. Love your pattern and how fun to do product mockups - they look great!

  5. This is amazing. I'm ALWAYS impressed with your digital work. It is fantastic, and I really like the "dress" you created. I agree it does have a country feel once it's turned into a pattern, but when it was on a mug, it looked really fresh and summery. Great take on T this week.

    BTW, sorry I was late getting here. Your host was running even later than late today (grin). Hope you won't feel bad, or that I slighted you (which I did not intentionally) but at least I got here before the end of the week!

  6. Great mug.
    Often the dry to lighting, is more of it, filtered so there are no shadows. then photshop the heck out of it!
    thanks for sharing on T4T!